Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

1st Thursday in January - Weight = 19 st 08

2013 was ok but 2014 will be better

Work is ok.
Dieting is still a battle.
Love I have put totally on hold as I have to love myself before I can love another and at the moment I'm not in the right place but this is where I start the journey to get life back on track.

My main resolution in 2014 is to make sure that 2013 is the last year I waste.

My aim is to lose a minimum of 8 lbs each month and be back at my 5 stone loss mark by June.
After that who knows. Just keep going and keep tracking.

There will be good weeks and there will bad weeks but I won't throw the towel in.
But because life is cosy but mundane I will be blogging each month rather than each week.